Sunday, July 31, 2016

16 Things I Did in DC this Summer

This summer has been a wild roller coaster. While I am ready to sleep for the next two weeks before school begins, I have learned so much that I never would have if not for WAIP. In order to sum up my experience, I thought I would include a list of some of the things I have done this summer:

I have...

1. Written a 20 page paper.
2. Met the Slovenian ambassador
3. Got to witness appropriations in action
4. Had amazing co-interns
5. Survived living 4 girls to a room
6. Didn't go completely broke
7. Met some amazing people that do incredible things in public service
8. Took a photo with a lovely Turkish family that thought I was their cousin
9. Covered every inch of the National Gallery
10. Drank 100+ lattes
11. Found out that I love weeding
12. Found out that I don't love swamps
13. Thought 88 degrees and overcast was good weather.
14. Learned what public affairs was
15. Saw the Obama motorcade
16. Grew to love DC enough that I am sad to say goodbye.

Peace out DC,


Friday, July 29, 2016

Love in the Nations Capital

My parents met on a young professional’s intramural flag football team in Washington, DC in the 80s.  Why am I writing about this?  Because growing up, as I obsessed over their fairytale romance, the scene was always set with our nations capital as the backdrop.  I have always seen DC as a symbol of endless opportunities.  Sure, this personal anecdote is a bit cheesy, but I have come to learn that it is absolutely true.

Living in DC this summer has helped me gain an incredible sense of independence, opened the door to innumerable personal and professional opportunities and overall been an eye-opening summer.  One of the biggest reasons I grew so much this summer is because I continuously put myself out of my comfort zone.  Whether it was reaching out to people I didn’t know very well to ask for Informational Interviews, exploring the city completely alone, or being adventurous and kayaking (3 times!!!!!), I tried to push myself outside of my comfort zone and came away with incredible stories to tell and lessons learned.

WAIP has provided me with the most wonderful opportunity to live, work, and play in one of the most amazing cities I’ve ever experienced.  Just like my parents did in the 80s, I found love in the nations capital- only it wasn’t with another person, it’s with Washington, DC.  Thank you WAIP, Katy, my internship site, and this city for helping have the most fulfilling summer I ever could have asked for.

-Samantha Singer


Well... I have been losing a blinking contest with my laptop for the past hour as I cannot seem to put into words what WAIP and more so my internship on Capitol Hill has meant to me.  What I want to put is WAIP=life but that would be a teenager’s oversimplification and I can legally drink.  Because of this opportunity I grew as a young professional and as a man.  I worked in a professional office where greatness was asked and interns were appreciated.  We were given opportunities to succeed and most of the time we did.  Staff went out of their way to meet with us and to share their experiences.  This is similar to how Ohio State alumni met with WAIPers.  From them I received advice, learned about D.C., discovered opportunities, and heard some stories that frankly brew my mind.

That is not to say my time here has been stress free, it has had its bumps, many self-inflicted, but I like to think I learned and grew because of them.  Additionally, travel excursions to the Great Falls and Mount Vernon were some of my favorite experiences and helped me relax view incredible sights.  Hanging out with a responsible and relaxed group made them all the better.

Last note for those who work on the Hill, walk around the Capitol building when you have the chance.  You have more access then you will ever have – unless you receive a future position there – so take advantage of the opportunity.